5 Rams players exercise freedom of speech

Before starting the football game, five St. Louis Rams’ players entered the field raising their hands as a sign of solidarity with the Ferguson, Mo. protesters.
A group representing police in St. Louis saw the players, and demanded the five Rams’ players apologize and the NFL punish the players involved.
The group made a big deal that the Rams’ didn’t have to express regret. The NFL refused to punish the Rams’ since they were exercising their right to free speech.

Several years back Martin Luther King Jr. said “We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”
The players don’t have to apologize. It comes down to making an impact. People can’t remain quiet about something so serious. It would be a different United States, and there wouldn’t be justice for anything. There would be discrimination everywhere, and out of control. No one would have any rights.
It is thanks to Freedom of Speech that everyone has rights.