Wrestlers kick off season, eye regionals, state


The wrestling team wants to improve in order to qualify for regional competition, and go to state.

“In order for us to get better and win, we have to be aggressive, offensive, study our movements from previous matches. That way we improve our techniques,” wrestler Armando Garcia said.

Wrestlers have been preparing since spring, and they continue through the summer. Since their season is during fall, they have to practice harder and commit to accomplish their major goals, and to beat all their opponents this year.

“Our priorities are to became successful and be the best,” wrestler Arlette Orozco said.

Wrestlers agree that wrestling is not a sport, It creates character, expectation, pride, and respect.

“Wrestling is about discipline competing by yourself one and one vs. someone else. About not relying on someone else to help you win,”  varsity coach Carlos Armendariz said.