SLC takes on cyberbullying


Small Learning Communities (SLC) is providing valuable information about social media, and they have gotten good responses. Bullying has always been an issue, but social media makes it easier to occur.

“We make sure that students are aware that there’ll be bad consequences. This can affect your future, for example applying to college or getting a job,” SLC teacher Valerie Salazar-Hairston said.

In this generation, social media is a part of a teenager’s daily life. There’s no education as to what is appropriate or not. Posts are out there permanently, and they cannot be erased.

“You can’t trust someone behind a computer,” junior Jennifer Montez said.

Before social media, people were bullied and only a few knew about it. Now it’s public, and there are times when the bully is unknown.

“Teenagers are conscious of who they can share their information with, they’re responsible. Sometimes instead of closing doors for  bullies, they open them. It’s hard to say the campus has had a problem with this, but it is known that the school is handling this situation,”  communication teacher Christopher Lopez said.