Varsity football team supports Breast Cancer Awareness


For the past eight years, the football team has worn pink in support of breast cancer awareness month.
The varsity football team wore pink mouthpieces and stickers with the breast cancer symbol on their helmets Oct. 24.
“Wearing the pink shows that we recognize that this is a disease that needs to be addressed and we need to display our awareness for breast cancer,” varsity football coach John Villareal said.
Some players are glad to have worn pink to help spread awareness of the disease.
“I was really proud to have been supporting a good cause. We wore mouthpieces and the sticker, but I also wore a pink bracelet and pink socks,” varsity quarterback Steven Montez said.
One player hopes to keep the pink for a long time.
“I’d like the pink to stay because it will hopefully encourage the younger generations to keep the tradition of showing their support and awareness for breast cancer,” varsity left guard Manuel Lamasanguiano said.