Students take on Faculty in volleyball fundraiser


The Student vs. Teacher game is an annual event in which everyone has fun while competing.

“It is a great way to make money, it is fun for the participants, and since every year it is a half day, it is a great way to use that time,” basketball coach Corina Marrufo said.

Every year students go to the game hoping to have some fun with their friends.

“The teachers and students enjoy the game. Even though it’s not a game to be taken seriously. The students in the volleyball game got to show the faculty who is the best,” senior football player Adrian Escobedo said.

Students are younger and stronger, but teachers still got their game.

“I believed that the game was going to be easy, but teachers have a little more experience playing together than us,” senior soccer player Jesus Payan said.

Teachers and students just want to enjoy and have fun.

“Even though there is no prize at the end of the game, we all take that good experience playing against teachers,” Escobedo said.

It has always been a tremendous competition between students and teachers, and they both want to be the real MVP.

“We are competitive and it is always great to show that we can hang with students,” Marrufo said.

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