3 American girls try to join ISIS


In late October, three American teenage girls, two 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old, whose names have not been released, ditched school to join terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

As reported in www.cnn.com, the father of one of the girls, Assad Ibrahim, called his daughter and asked her why school called. They said she never showed up to class. She lied, saying she was just late to class. But in reality, she was making her way, with her two friends, to Turkey through Germany to arrive in Syria to join ISIS. Officials reported to ABC that the girls wanted to fulfill what they believed is some vision that was put on an ISIS media campaign.

The two other girls, sisters, lied to their father, Ali Farah, saying they were going to a library, cnn.com reported. When Farah arrived home, Ibrahim was waiting for him and asked Farah if his daughters’ passports were missing, like his daughter’s was.

The families found that the girls were gone along with $2,000. They called the FBI suspecting the girls were on their way to Turkey and Germany.
German authorities caught the girls and put them on a flight back to the United States where FBI agents found them. The three young girls were later questioned and released.

These girls are moronic. As government teacher Carlos Valverde said they need to grow up because they’re acting like they know everything.

The three teenagers don’t realize the harm they could’ve put themselves and their families in.

It’s a shame that these young girls are so naive as to think that joining a terrorist group like ISIS was an option for them.