Too many schedule changes cause problems


Every year counselors fix schedules, deal with late registrations, free periods, or remove classes appearing twice on a schedule.
Counselors must correct schedules so it does not affect students’ graduation.
“In pre registration students need to take their time to select their classes, they don’t want to lose credit changing a schedule every time,” counselor Lupe Fino said.
Students often change their schedules because they want to be in sports, clubs, or because they don’t like a class.
Changing schedules too many times, affects credit and it is time consuming.
“A schedule is like a puzzle, it’s not just clicking a button,” counselor Jazmine Villa said.
If a student wants another class counselors have to find a way to give them that class, and some classes are only available at certain times.
“We don’t get all the classes we want so we are stuck there till next semester, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to stop doing our work,” junior Janet Lujan said.