‘Face Off’, is boring yet again


Now in its seventh season, Face Off is a series competition to see which artists create the best makeup for the big screen, using different types of makeup and prosthetics.
Face Off has been fun and entertaining – artists create something relatively new every time. However, Face Off is repetitive, making this season the same as last.
The first four seasons were exciting and freaky, but after the fifth season, there is little to no surprise. These artists are creative, but again and again, there’s the overused evil witch, the white queen, and the misunderstood creature.
There are a few artists that create something truly out of the box. For example, the Burtonesque challenge of season two asked contestants to create a Tim Burton style character.  Contestant Rayce’s combination of cello and cellist won the judges over. And runner up contestant RJ’s bellhop character captured the essence of a Tim Burton character.  But as season seven approached, these types of works are a once in a long while type of thing.
“They’ve ended up putting a dozen very creative people against one another in a very tired format,” Metracritic.com featuring the New York Post stated.
Again, these artists are great, but this show is tiring. Maybe next season Face Off can take it up a notch.