Parking lot advantages


Fact: Cars parked in the school parking lot are the school’s responsibility. Security officers that are in charge of the parking lot patrol it every hour.
In order to park, students are required to purchase a permit, otherwise they are not be allowed to park at school.
Permit requirements include a driving license, and the student’s name on the insurance. Officers can then issue a permit that costs $5.
Although parents may park in the school’s parking lot at no change, their cars remain the school’s responsibility.
Anything can happen to a car parked outside of the school’s parking lot, because no one is responsible for it in the street. If the car is parked at school, and it is vandalized security officers start an investigation.
If students park outside of the school it impacts the community and the students car, because it can get stolen or vandalized. It is better to pay $5 for a permit at school than paying hundreds just to save a small amount.