Game of Thrones: season 5, and going strong


After four successful seasons fans fasten their seat-belts for the fifth season of Game of Thrones. The show has captured viewer with its medieval/fantasy world and its unexpected outcomes.
The show is based on the books by the same name written by George R. R. Martin. He keeps readers interested by not making safe choices and keeping all the characters in danger. That’s what is special about the story, anything can happen.
The story centers on seven kingdoms fighting for a throne and all that people will do for power. Throughout the four seasons characters improve, worsen, mature, die, struggle with loss, and protect the ones they love in a world where dangers are unlimited.
Despite the horrors and the risky subjects the show touches, its storyline is enticing and it is one of the few shows that actually has viewers crying for the next season to start, and hopefully it will go on for many more.

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