Counselors help students achieve their goals


A new school year means new students, new classes, new teachers, and new goals. And it can get surprisingly hectic in the counselors office. New counselors had all that to greet them as they kicked off the year in a new school.
“We want to make sure as many kids are graduating on time and help underclassmen be on track with their credits so they don’t struggle as much as the seniors,” counselor Martha Piedra said.
Counselors do more than fix schedules and keep track of student credits; they also counsel families and handle paperwork for child support and social security.
“We are the behind the scenes, we make sure everything works and we see students if something is affecting them academically,” counselor Jazmine Villa said.
Counselors have a rule of no more than three weeks for a schedule change.
“Students should make better decisions at registration and investigate before they select classes. They should pay attention,” counselor Lupe Fino said.
It is recommended that students visit their counselor at the end of every grading period.
“There will be more communication between students and counselors,” Fino said.
Counselors have an open door policy, if students have any concerns they can fill out a form and be called out of an elective.
“Our jobs are to make sure students are safe and successful,” Villa said.

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