NASA scholar heads to Johnson Space Center

NASA scholar heads to Johnson Space Center

NASA space scholar, Ricardo Vega, was recently announced by the science department after completing 24 weeks of on-line modules, design projects, and essays.

Vega was selected to complete his training this summer at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. He will be there for one week learning from NASA members.

“I (am) excited with the idea of going to the Johnson Space Center, because it’s an environment that I wish to be part of in the future,” NASA Scholar Ricardo Vega said.

NASA’s members will teach Vega about all aspects that go into the NASA program and expose him to different careers within the program.

“It’s exciting that I will be learning from NASA members, because I will get the inside from a professional in a field that I’m interested in,” Vega said.

This summer camp is not available to everyone.

“I feel good being a NASA scholar, because it’s a good opportunity to expand on what I know,” Vega said.

Vega had a lot support from his physics teacher Ysidro De La O. Vega didn’t mind all the work involved.

“I would describe Ricardo as hardworking, dedicated and that he’s mature in that he’s planning out his future,” physics teacher Ysidro De La O said.

De La O knows it’s not easy to get into the program and when he got the news that Vega had received a NASA scholar he was amazed.

“I’m excited that he got accepted into this summer program, because it’s been about five years since we had someone go to this program,” De La O said.

Vega doesn’t plan to waste this opportunity and he plans to show the world and everyone around him that he’s achieving his dream.

“The path I needed to achieve this goal took a lot of work and dedication, and in the future I see myself working for a big agency such as NASA,” Vega said.

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