$4 million commercials better than halftime, better than Superbowl



Four million dollars for a 30-second commercial seems outrageous. Although, that is how much one costs to air during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Despite the big game, and amazing half time show many tuned in for the commercials.

One commercial that tugged viewers hearts was “Puppy Love,” by who else? A beer vendor.

This commercial is about a farm puppy who becomes close friends with a horse. Soon the little companion is going to a new home, but the horse comes to the rescue. This commercial warmed  the hearts of many, somehow tying puppy-love to beer. They certainly have the money to do it.

“The ‘80s called. They want their store back.” Radio Shack surprised viewers with a twist-in-time commercial. Wolfman, Chucky, Jason, and many more ’80s hit memories made a comeback. In this commercial, one is supposed to believe Radio Shack, started in the 80s, is not stuck in the 80s.

Another Super Bowl favorite was the Dorito’s  Cowboy Kid. Each family a has sibling rivalry, but in this commercial the underdog succeeds and claims the delicious Dorito’s prize.

Despite the blowout of the Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks toppling the Denver Broncos 43-8, most who watched the game probably enjoyed the commercials way more.

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