Lights, camera, action, Conquest Journal takes awards


Diana Villegas

Conquest Journal members, recording an interview.

Diana Villegas, Reporter

As Conquest Journal sets up their cameras, the members from the program are bringing home awards.

Technical Director Jose Amaro won the Polyethylene Terephthalate Recycling Pilot Video (PET) competition sponsored by Sam’s on Sept. 27.

 “I got a prize of $150, I was one of the four winners, “ Amaro said.

There were other contestants at the competition.

“My group and I did a Public Service Announcement explaining what PET was, where it comes from, and what helps our environment to recycle,” Sports Director Hailley Hernandez said.

The members of Conquest Journal have four competitions throughout the year.

“We have different film festivals that we compete in, the El Paso ISD Film Festival, Student Television Network. A lot of video contests throughout the year,” Conquest Journal Sponsor Marisol Rivera said.

They face multiple challenges.

“We face people not wanting to get interviewed, also sometimes we lose footage while we’re recording, and there’s technical issues,”  Chief Editor Julian Ocon said. 

The members have learned to handle the job.

“We focus on competitions at different times apart from the show,” Chief Director Alejandro Lugo said.

The members of Conquest Journal are committed to work extra hours every week.

“We have three hours per day of working, we’re used to multitasking here, so we are always busy,” Chief Editor Julian Ocon said.

The members are looking forward to competition.

“I’m focusing on winning more competitions, and being a better group than in previous years,” Ocon said.

Others have different goals.

“I’m focusing on getting certified in the editing program,” Lugo said.

The members learn many skills. 

“I started Conquest Journal, because filming and editing created a passion in me. If you like something and feel passionate about it, it is important to keep practicing it,” Tech Director Samuel Viscarra added.