New year, new security officers


Diana Villegas

New security officers, Jasmine Brambila, and Daniel Madrid Jr. work during 9th period in front of the counselor’s offices.

Diana Villegas , Reporter

There are new security officers on board, and they love their new job. They feel great about being part of the school’s family. 

“It’s totally different from when I started. Everything is changing, just have to adjust,” cadet police officer Fernando Morales said.

The new security officers are very helpful.

“I’m here to help, I can always answer any questions even if it’s not school related, and if I can’t help them, lead them to someone who can. Even about the police academy,” Morales said. 

Before coming to Del Valle, some of the officers had a different role. 

“I was a bus attendant at transportation,” security officer Jasmine Brambila said. 

It is a different experience for new security officers.

“I used to be a driver, so it’s a different experience to me, since I’m now working with more kids,” security officer Daniel Madrid Jr said.

The environment is different for some officers.

“The school is set, I’ve worked at other campuses and for the most part these kids are really good, they go to class on their own, they don’t have to be pushed. The staff is great, the officers are great, the teachers are amazing, so right now there isn’t anything that I see that needs to be changed. I am hoping and praying to retire as a Conquistador.” security officer, Sergeant Rick Orozco said.