School showcases the year


Photo illustrations by Lindsey Lazcano

Trophies showcase the school year in the main hall.

Lindsey Lazcano , Reporter

Everyone in their life has a moment in which they feel proud of what they have achieved, and what is better than receiving a trophy to commemorate the moment. This motivates them to keep going. 

“Important things go in to show that we are doing a good job,” Principal Antonio Acuña said.

Each trophy has a place. 

“There is no preference of what goes inside. Athletes, student activities, and academics have the opportunity to earn a place, Since the first day of class until the end,” Acuña said.

There are 3 trophy cases in school. The trophies from this year’s go inside the showcase of the main door.

“There are around 40 trophies in the showcase,” Acuña said.

Trophies from last year have a place too.

“Old trophies go in the showcase that is in the gym,”Acuña said.

People must take care of important things to appreciate their value. Christopher M. Lopez (teacher of students activity) and students’ activities are in charge of putting everything that goes inside.

“They have sliding glass and only Mr. Lopez has access to it,” Acuña said.

Each trophy is the representation of an effort.

“All the trophies that go in the showcase have the same value since they put effort into winning it,” Acuña said.