Getting the whole enchilada for $8


Despite the fundraiser being postponed, tickets are still good.

Nicholas Barrios, Reporter

The enchilada dinner is around the corner. Before the winter break school organizations were given tickets by administration to sell for $8 to be redeemed for a plate of enchiladas to fundraise for the senior class, the fundraiser was implemented by principal Acuna seven years ago but the pandemic put to a stop it last year.

On March 29, from 4 to 6:30 p.m the cafeteria will have plates of enchiladas with rice and salad for anyone with a ticket and all funds collected from this event will go to celebrate the seniors.

“All the money we collect will help pay for the senior trip and senior sunset at the end of the year,” algebra teacher Brenda Terrazas said.

The administration has made a tradition out of the senior end of the year celebrations that will now be continued with the addition of possible new ideas.

“We want to try and take students to Wet N Wild for their Senior Farewell and have a dinner for the Senior Sunset. We’ll also be renting out water slides here at the school ,” principal Antonio Acuña said.

The school has gone to great lengths to make these events happen by collecting the ingredients to make over 1,000 plates.

“I believe there are 1,200 tickets for sale so we hope to make at least $8,000 by the end of this event,” Cecilia Torres said.

Since administrators have had experience with this fundraiser in the past they have figured out a system to help them stay on track.

“Every organization has a leader and our school hosts a monthly meeting for them called Del Valle Leadership where they discuss any upcoming important events including the progress of the fundraiser,” Acuña said.

The fundraiser has been a way of bringing organizations together on different occasions since its introduction.  

“Our school organizations come together to talk and collaborate on donating ingredients for enchiladas to the fundraiser,” Terrazas said.

And with the combined effort of students and administrators it allows the school to host the enchilada dinner on parent night when it is filled with visitors.