Clubs face fundraising difficulties


Maya Rivera

Clubs try to fundraise to make up for lost times.

Maya Rivera, Reporter

Often in class someone will walk in with a huge box of chips full of Hot Cheetos or the World’s Finest Chocolate all up for sale. In almost every period, students trade quarters for a Blow Pop before the tardy bell rings.

Fundraising is a necessity for members of every club or sport, but like many other things COVID-19 took its toll on fundraising.

“A lot of people are staying home because the rising COVID cases makes it difficult to find people to sell to,” NEHS President Alyssa Venzor said.

Many clubs are suffering because of the lack of funds.

“The team has suffered slightly.  However, Mr. Acuña has helped cover the cost of a few items and competition fees. We will need to find a good fundraiser during the next few months to assist in covering end of year expenses,” Fuego and Entrelace coach Gloria Tovar said.

Even traditional fundraisers have been discontinued due to the pandemic.

“Because of COVID we are afraid of selling and handing cappuccinos to students, also because of the school closing down and the cappuccino machine not getting cleaned properly before we left it’s damaged, we are hoping to get funds to fix it,” Conquest Journal director Jayme Pineda said.

Some fundraisers are making a comeback, such as the enchilada dinner.

“It’s a poor fundraiser, and lacking quality, it’s so many that no one wants them,” sophomore Carolyn Rodarte said.

Clubs try to do the best they can.

“For the Anime Club, we did have our first gaming night, but the announcements messed it up, because they weren’t announcing it well,” Pineda said

Some try to use alternative ways to fundraise.

We raised a good amount of funds through Snap Raise. We raised approximately $3800 which was a huge help for our programs.  Once the students have their list of contacts and emails, Snap Raise does most of the work,” Tovar said.

Fundraising has changed.

“It has changed a lot, normally you can go buy something and set it up quickly, but now some places don’t even set up the fundraiser packages anymore due to the pandemic,” student council president Michael Lopez said.

And fundraising can be an added stress for sponsors.

“I think that fundraising is important for clubs but I wish it wasn’t necessary, because it adds extra stress,” debate coach and Aware sponsor Rick Jordan said.

But club members continue to try to help their club out. 

“Each club and organization has different ideas that are specific to what’s going on, anything that will attract the club or organizations money,” student activities director Chris Lopez said.