Community service hours: requirements, opportunities, expectations


Marlyn Velasco

Graduation community service hours sheet must be complete. Seniors must turn in by Feb. 28.

Marilyn Velasco, Reporter

Community service hours are a graduation requirement and many students have no idea how to earn them.

“Community service hours are important for graduation. Students are responsible for getting the amount of mandatory hours needed which is 40 and the deadline for seniors is  Feb.  28. Underclassmen can turn in now and do them during the summer. If a student gets over 300 hours they receive a cord, if students don’t complete the hours needed they get held from graduating,” principal’s secretary Martha Levario said.

Students can keep track of hours on a paper available In the counselors office.

“A blue paper is available in the counselors office or the principal’s office can provide a sheet If asked for. You can record  hours and in the back of the sheet you can find information about outside community service opportunities,” Levario said. 

Students can do many things to earn community hours.

“One of many ways to gain hours in school is by joining an organization, club, or sport. You can earn 20 hours per year for participation. There are many events that teachers offer students to participate in and will help students with hours,” Levario said.

Volunteering has a positive effect on both the student and the community. Students gain experience and that can help gain more opportunities.

“I think it’s a good thing, because students are giving to the community. It also helps get into colleges since they want well rounded students who are good with academics and community service,” Levario said.

Service hours have a big impact in college. Colleges look for a student who is responsible and has good grades along with seeing If they serve the community.

“Colleges want a well rounded students who are involved and it helps with college applications more than grades,” Go Center Specialist Julie Rodriguez said.

However some students are barely starting their hours.

“I just found out that I needed to gain community service hours when seniors got interviewed with the counselor and it’s a bit of a struggle for me. It would’ve been better if I knew before,” senior Ashley Meneses said.

Trying to gain hours can be complicated for students.

“I have to back off from a lot of events since I have many hours to do but I’m glad they lowered the requirement from 80 to 40 because I would’ve had a much harder time trying to gain them,” Meneses said.