CREEED observes campus’ accomplishments


Illustrated by Alyssa Venzor

The Council on Regional Economic Expansion and Educational Development visits campus.

Alyssa Venzor, Editor in Chief

The Council on Regional Economic Expansion and Educational Development, CREEED visited the campus on Nov. 8 to see the school’s accomplishments. CREEED visited a number of classes and is expected to come back.

 CREEED’s visit was on a positive note.

“This organization likes to evaluate how schools are doing and they were here to see the great things that are happening in the Ysleta District at the high school level,” principal Antonio Acuña said. 

The campus was chosen to represent the district.

“They (CREEED) wanted to see the great things Del Valle accomplished and CREEED chose us as a model school,” assistant principal Rosaura Gandarilla said.

The impact of CREEED’s visit gives Del Valle a new light.

“What it does is puts us on the map, because (CREEED) talk to the mayor of El Paso,” Acuña said. 

The classes that were visited by the organization did not disappoint.

“What CREEED wanted to do was look at content and look at CTE classes. (To) get a glimpse of everything that happens in a high school,”  Acuña said. 

The visitors went to a couple classes. 

“It felt cool because it was national S.T.E.M. day and my kids were doing a mini project, it felt nice and exciting CREEED here to see what’s happening here,” Teacher of Year Ramon Benvavides said.

There is an expectation that CREEED will be back.

“(CREEED) did request if they can come back during the spring to look at more programs, our expectation is they are coming back,” Acuña said.