Time is up, college applications can’t wait

Go Center counselor  Julie Rodriguez helps a student with his application.

Miroslava Lem Quinonez

Go Center counselor Julie Rodriguez helps a student with his application.

Miroslava Lem Quinonez, Reporter

A new chapter with new challenges and opportunities is around the corner for seniors and it starts with the college application process. After lockdown, change is inevitable. 

For some students the path is clear regarding what they want to do. For others the path remains unclear, causing pressure and fear of the future. 

“It causes me a lot of stress to think about college,” senior Renée De La Torre said.

For many, going to college means the beginning of new responsibilities and duties in the real world.

“I still feel like a kid. I do not feel ready for adult life,” junior Evelyn Ramos said. 

Even so, after the isolation the pandemic forced, many students have found a new opportunity. 

“I am enthusiastic to come back to a new normality and eager for a  prosperous future,” senior Patricio Romero said.

College is a big step that requires time to make the right decisions and organize future plans. It is recommended to plan early. 

“GPA matters, extracurricular activities matter, courses matter,” Go Center counselor Julie Rodriguez said about freshman year.

Because of COVID-19, many applicants fell behind in planning. 

“I would have liked to finish my community hours or had more time to prepare myself,” De La Torre said.

Time is the enemy when it comes to applications.

“I would’ve liked to take time to research and organize myself to apply to college,” De La Torre said.

 Colleges have made changes in their enrollment process.

“College made the test (SAT/ACT) optional because they know students are not available to take it,” Rodriguez said. 

A new graduation requirement was added.

“The FAFSA (a form that determines financial aid for a student) is a state requirement,” Rodriguez said.

Important deadlines for seniors can increase nervousness.            

“(There are) college applications, SAT/ACT registrations last chances, FAFSA and scholarships,” Rodriguez said.

Students remain positive.  

“I look for the best, no matter how hard or difficult it is. I will keep fighting and adapting to the challenges,” junior Angel Sanchez said.