Midnight Madness makes a comeback


Helio Leza

Varsity football coach Contrerass with wide varsity receivers at Midnight Madness practice, August 14.

Helio Leza, Reporter

It was the return of Midnight Madness and the crowd. It is the first official practice of the season and is held a couple of weeks before the season starts, the practice was held Saturday, Aug. 14, 11:30 to 2 a.m.

“Midnight Madness signifies the kickoff to a new season. People said the quicker we get to Midnight Madness the closer we are to the season,” varsity football coach Rudy Contreras said.

This event has been a tradition for 22 years.

“Midnight Madness is like any other practice but since it is the first practice of the season there is a different feeling to it,” Contreras said.

The first Midnight Madness was played at Blackie Chesher Park.

“I was very glad about being able to play for this school. That practice felt great for our first one. Even though it was at midnight the team looked awake and ready for the season,” quarterback Jesse Ramos said.

Midnight Madness marks the start to the season

“I think it’s cool to have the first practice of the season at midnight. I was disappointed I couldn’t practice for Midnight Madness but I think it was a good practice that showed how strong and coordinated we are as a team,” right tackle Angel Leza said.

Last year there was no Midnight Madness.

“This was the return of the crowd. It was great because it was the first time with crowds in a year. the noise of the fans on Friday night felt amazing,” lineman coach Eric Ramirez said.