Student council prepares ‘Party in the Neon Lights’


Illustrated by Alyssa Venzor

Homecoming dance ticket prices increase throughout the week.

Alyssa Venzor, Editor

Homecoming is a welcoming time for students old and new, complete with high spirits and fun activities. And with the first post quarantine homecoming, Conquistadors are busier than ever.

 Homecoming preparations are everywhere. Some organizations are even working on two tasks at a time.

“For homecoming, we are preparing for the door decorations and the cart parade,” AWARE’s vice president Shuhan Sun said.

Making the school buzz with excitement and spirit does not happen overnight. It takes a  team to build up the idea.

“We have amazing students, who work behind the scenes for homecoming. Students love it,” student activities director Christopher Lopez said.

Assembling homecoming takes dedication, commitment and coordination.

“The way we are preparing is to pick themes that everyone or close to everyone. Next we buy props and pick a playlist and find a way to have a good time,” student council spirit captain Steven Acosta said. 

It takes working together. 

We have hard workers who are in charge of completing tasks and making sure everyone is pulling their part and knows what to do,” Sun said.

Pandemic can make things challenging but safety comes first.

“Safety is our number one priority. (We) follow all guidelines set by the district,” Lopez said. 

Some have some hesitations about being among large crowds.

“I am prepared for many people gathered together because as long as I am careful I should be okay, also I just want to hang out so I really don’t mind,” student council member Marcus Rodarte said.  

Apart from the many fun activities to get ready for, students are brewing up ideas for the door decoration competition.

“We are preparing for it (Door Decoration Contest) by designing the outline and gathering the materials we need,” Sun said. 

Students try to take part in most, if not all homecoming activities.

“I will be participating in as many activities as I can because I am the spirit captain, I am in charge of keeping the school’s spirit so being part of as many things as possible I believe will help,” Acosta said. 

Even with the pandemic, students are still looking forward to the activities. 

“I expect to see some safety guidelines but I also expect to see people hanging out and having a good time,” Rodarte said. 



Aug. 26﹣27, Homecoming Court campaigning starts.

Sept. 1 Homecoming Court announced.

Sept. 13 Homecoming Court pictures at 8 a.m; semi formal attire must be worn.  

Sept. 27 Euphoria/Glitter day at The Neon Desert. Lunchtime Activity: Neon Musical Chairs. 

Sept. 28 Tye Dye Tu-Tu Tuesday. Lunchtime Activity: Neon Cup Stacking. 

Sept. 29 Blast from the Past ‘80s Day. Lunchtime Activity: Neon Chicken Leg Obstacle. 

Sept. 30 Neon Color Wars. Freshmen – Neon Yellow, Sophomores – Neon Pink, Juniors – Neon Green, Seniors – Neon Blue.

 Lunchtime Activity: This Blows and Neon Stack Up. 

Homecoming Parade, 6 p.m. 

Neon Extravaganza and Fireworks Spectacular 7:30 p.m; Conquest Stadium. 

Oct. 1 Dress to Impress. 

Pep Rally 10:30 a.m; Conquest Stadium. Grocery Cart Contest.

Alumni Luncheon 12 Library (by invitation). Homecoming football game Hanks vs Del Valle, 7 p.m. Conquest Stadium. Homecoming Court presentation at halftime. 

Oct. 2 Party in the Neon Lights Homecoming Dance 8 p.m. to 12 a.m; Commons. 

Ticket Prices: Sept. 27, $15. Sept. 28, $20. Sept. 29, $25. Sept. 30, $30. Oct. 1, $35. Oct. 2, $40.