Is Raya and the Last Dragon Worth the Watch?


Raya and the Last Dragon is a good movie to watch with your family.

Brisa Martinez

There are many movies in which the main theme is friendship, courage, or believing. This movie is all about trust and how powerful it can be.

This movie starts off with trust and betrayal accidentally causing the end of the world and the last hope lies with the last dragon, Sisu. People from the divided land, Kumandra, are fighting for the gem that contained the last bit of dragon magic and in the midst of all the violence, the gem is knocked down and broken. With the gem broken, an evil entity that turns people into stone is released. The main character, Raya, is now on a mission to find the last dragon to get her dad back. Throughout her journey she meets people from different parts of her divided land who want to help her. In the end she has to make the difficult decision of trusting the person who betrayed her in order to save everyone.

This movie has very good fleshed out characters, especially the main character, Raya, who also happens to be Disney’s first southeast Asian heroine. The movie has plenty of action with good detailed fight scenes. The art is really good, it has detailed facial expressions and beautiful scenery, especially towards the end of the movie when (spoiler alert) all the dragons come back to life and start running through the sky. I recommend this movie to people who enjoyed the animated movies Moana, and Mulan, although one of the main differences is that this movie isn’t very musical.