Musician makes unexpected journey to astral realm



The life of a jazz teacher gets turned upside down.

Sierra Orozco

The movie “Soul” directed by Pete Docter, is a captivating movie about the life of a middle school band teacher, played by Jamie Fox, who is searching for a bigger purpose in life. Things just don’t turn out quite the way he expected.

He is living a normal life in which he is not very happy until one day his dreams come true when he joins a band for a gig. He is excited and walking across the street but takes a wrong step and wakes up in a completely different body in a space-like atmosphere. When he finds out that the bright light at the end of the moving staircase is the end of life, he panics and tries to find a way back.

As he is trying to come back to life he meets a soul named 22, played by Tina Fey, who is waiting for a physical life, but she does not see the point. She does not want to be human and she is a hard soul to deal with. As he explores the spiritual realm with her he realizes that his life has a chance to change for the better. One soul wants to live and one soul does not see the point of life so they help each other out. As they help each other out they end up in a messy situation, but they soon realize that living needs no reason, living is not a task. Living is about the small things, living is about enjoying every part of it.

This movie presents many different messages about life. Life is meant to be enjoyed , because at any moment it could be gone.