Mclovin’ BTS


Alyssa Venzor

The BTS meal that came with the two new sauces and their cool packaging.

Alyssa Venzor, Reporter

Throughout the year Mc Donald’s has worked with celebrities and their Mac favorites on location. The collaboration with well known rapper Travis Scott was a big hit. The meal was called The Cactus Jack and consisted of a Quarter Pounder, fries with barbecue sauce, and a Sprite. 

This partnership was the first and fans were enticed right away. But the meal wasn’t the only thing that was new. Travis Scott and McDonald’s teamed up and dropped an exclusive clothing line, for a limited time. The line included a wide variety of fun things; clothes to shoes to hats, even a little Travis Scott doll that appeared in the commercials.

Next was the meal collaboration with J Balvin. Balvin’s meal was intended to show appreciation of Latin culture. It included a Big Mac, fries and ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry. J Balvin also released a merchandise line with McDonald’s that featured clothes and accessories.

Now McDonald’s is working with the biggest K-pop band and has been teasing their next meal with promotional photos. 

Each meal with celebrities has been different but this one with BTS is the most different by far. The meal includes ten piece McNuggets, a medium Coke, medium fries, and a little something special. Two new dipping sauces, which are the Cajun and Sweet Chili sauces. And a merchandise line with the Korean group. The line is still up and McDonald’s is adding new things daily. Mc Donald’s is promoting hoodies, a purple robe, shirts, and pens. Photocards will be added to their website soon.

Along with the merchandise and meal, the packaging is exciting too. The McNugget boxes and drink cups are purple and have the BTS logo with the McDonald’s logo. The paper bags are purple as well but use Korean writing.

Popularity between the band and the people that love Mc Donald’s, the BTS meal is going to sell out fast, just like the meal before it. It’s great that Mc Donald’s is releasing meals with celebrities, that way everyone can say “I’m lovin’ it.”