Disney on Ice, where the magic happens


Lilian Miranda

Two sisters reliving their Disney on Ice childhood.

Lilian Miranda, Reporter

Experience a magical time at Disney on Ice, where favorite Disney movies are brought to ice and childhood memories are remembered. Whether it is wearing costumes, singing along to the songs, or experiencing the emotion of seeing your favorite Disney character live. Disney on Ice has it all! 

The show brings magic and happiness to everyone and is everything that Disney is about.

 As someone who went to Disney on Ice as a little girl and dressed up as Sleeping Beauty for every show, it was as if nothing changed. Every time a new Disney story was performed, my face lit up, especially when Toy Story was part of the show.

Laughter and singing fills the coliseum as kids and parents sing along while bubbles and lights make everything colorful and magical. 

Not only is it all singing and dancing but the show connects with the audience by using riddles to guess what Disney story comes next or to scare away Captain Hook’s pirates. 

The skating, the production, lighting and choreography everything is breathtaking. The way the cast brought the movies to life on ice was amazing. From spinning to other different tricks they made this show unforgettable. 

The moment Woody and Jessie from Toy Story emerged with a feeling of joy and excitement that Disney brings, it is irreplaceable and makes Disney an important part of one’s life.  

Disney on Ice takes me back to my childhood. There is just something about Disney songs that makes you wanna dance and sing. 

There is nothing more beautiful than reliving one’s childhood with the Disney characters who were there from the start. 

Disney on Ice is a magical experience!