Freshmen lost first year of high school experience


Antonia Seltzer

Socially distanced in-person learning.

Sierra Orozco, Reporter

Students expect their school experience to be hands-on and in-person, but it was not that kind of year for anyone, especially the freshmen. 

The first year of high school can be nerve wracking and scary, but due to the pandemic it was even more difficult to maneuver.

“I could have experienced a little more since it was my first year of high school, I expected to step foot in the building and go to football games or even have lunch with my friends and socially interact,” freshman Mia Perez said. 

For some students bonding through a computer screen was unexpected.

“This year was certainly different there is no doubt, but I did not realize how close of a bond I would have with others and my teachers online. With such a big change in the way we learn I was not expecting to be socially active but talking to teachers and having the same energy, we get through a classroom. It’s like texting my friends but they’re my teachers,” freshman Sheyna Arrieta said. 

Sitting in front of a computer screen for most of the day can be challenging.

“It’s very different, it makes my head hurt sitting in front of a camera all day and not being there in person is a challenging experience,” Perez said.

It’s already hard for students to socialize in person but it is an even bigger challenge since there is almost no way to socialize and maintain a pandemic-safe friendship.

“It was almost impossible to socialize with other students, I lost a couple of friendships,  we lost touch. It’s almost out of our control to save them since we aren’t there in person to rekindle,” Arrieta said.

 Academics, which can be hard to keep up with during a regular year became even more of a challenge.  

“Keeping up with the work was really hard and good grades were hard to maintain not just for me but for every student I know, I felt this year was harder than others and I had to push myself more to meet the expectations,” Perez said.

Despite a challenging year and facing a pandemic, students are optimistic about their achievements and performance.

“I’m proud of my grades and I’m proud that I tried everything I wanted to do and I did not hold back. I was sad that I missed out on my first year in high school,” Arrieta said.


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