Lady Conquistadors take district championship


Photo courtesy of Antonia Seltzer

The girls varsity soccer team joined together including team and staff members.

Kristyn Aguilera, Reporter

The girls varsity soccer team took the district championship, ending the season 12-2 in district, 13-7 overall.

The season consisted of many trials due to COVID-19 but with preparation by coach Christopher Lopez, the Lady Conquistadors played with dedication.  

“We started the school year with virtual workouts, then started the season with in person training,” Lopez said.

Ensuring protocols were still being followed was top priority, winning a district championship came next. 

“This was the season of the unknown,” Lopez said. “We didn’t know what we were up against during this pandemic, if we started would we be able to finish?”        

Despite the obstacles, the girls varsity soccer team set goals and worked to achieve them.

“Since the beginning, we made our goal to be district champions and by working hard we were able to accomplish it,” midfielder Kendra Palacios said.

The team faced many challenges.

“I think our most difficult game was against Bel Air because we had only not prepared ourselves physically for them but also mentally, unfortunately, we lost in our first round against them,” Palacios said. 

A loss or obstacle is taken as motivation for the team.                       

“This meant we had to work harder and be prepared for the second time, we were all focused and kept our eyes on the prize, which meant winning,” Palacios said. “Our hard work paid off, we beat them 3-1 and dominated almost the whole game.” 

Every accomplishment was not obtained easily.

“No game was easy, we had to give it our all in every single game so that we could win,” Palacios said. “We didn’t get comfortable because anything could happen at any point.”

Coach Lopez agrees.

“The players worked hard throughout the season and obtained their goal of winning a district championship,” Lopez said.  “It was special seeing these amazing student athletes work together.”

It was a memorable season. 

“The best part was getting to spend time with my teammates and accomplishing our goals,” Palacios said. “Despite every situation, we all made it work by coming in and giving it our all.”