Prom cancelled, mixed reactions from students

Prom cancelled for students safety.

Art by Azael A. Gomez

Prom cancelled for students safety.

Azael A. Gomez, Managing Editor

In a regular year, seniors would be looking forward to traditional events at the end of the year, such as prom. But because of the pandemic, the district made the decision to cancel prom this year.

The district released a statement with the decision.

“The Ysleta Independent School District has made the decision to not allow any prom or prom-like events for the safety and health of our students and staff,” reported Andra Litton and Aaron Montes, on, April 19.

For seniors, this is yet another disappointment in a year full of cancellations.

“I think it’s is pretty dumb because it’s an experience that seniors will never get,” senior Ramon Urueta said.

Some agree that it was the right decision to make. 

“I believe it is better for the district to cancel all proms because if they were to allow them the contagious rates will shoot sky high,” Class of 2022 president Esperanza Moreno said. “Therefore it has been the safest option to cancel all proms.”