Family Thrift Center: the best place to find thrifty treasures


Citlali Viramontes

The Family Thrift Store offers three discounted color tags.

Citlali Viramontes, Reporter

Shopping for clothes may be less of an adventure until you find the right thrift store. With good prices, discounts and quality clothes, Family Thrift Center on 7108 Alameda Ave stands as a favorite place to trust for thrift finds. The Family Thrift Center has very affordable clothes, which helps save money, and it’s beneficial for those who can’t afford expensive clothes. In contrast to other thrift stores, it is very easy to find shirts and pants starting as low as 99 cents. Dresses that are prom-appropriate can be purchased for $3. This means that one could stop by with only $5 in their pocket, and come out of the store with three items in their bag. That is two more than at any other thrift store.
Not only is one able to find affordable clothes at this thrift store, but with prices as low as 99 cents, there are still three tag colors at 50 percent discount every single day. This is something one can’t find in other thrift stores, which usually are discounted at 50 percent on one tag color, and an additional color at 99 cents, but only on Mondays. Even then, finding clothes with those discounted colors are hard to find, but Family Thrift Center is on a whole other level. There are a lot more possibilities of finding many clothing items at 99 cents that still have a discounted color tag, which may result in 49 cents (without tax). It cannot be stressed enough how economically friendly this thrift store is.
When one thinks of cheap and used clothes, one might think bad quality — Family Thrift Center is an exception. As usual, one is used to finding clothes with stains or rips at thrift stores, but this one does a great job at preserving the best they can find. There are decent party dresses, shoes with a vintage look, and many clothing items without a tear or stain on them. This store gives the customer what they want and need, instead of a full rack of clothes in bad condition. There is no other thrift store with such excellent finds as the Family Thrift Center.
Having a store that sells used clothes at a reasonable price is important to the community, not only benefiting shopaholics, and vintage clothes shoppers, but also those who struggle to find clothes that suit their economic circumstance. Shopping at Family Thrift Center may even be addictive, but it is the perfect money-saver.