Art competitions continue


courtesy Raul Monarreze

Art sculpture by Derek Balcorta, for the category on Mental Health.

Helio Leza, Reporter

The year has been difficult, but art competitions continue.  Students have shown that their art stands out when compared to others. And students are placing in important competitions.

The competitions are voluntary and some students weren’t able to participate.

¨This is the lowest number of students that have participated. It went from 80 students to only four participating,¨ art teacher Raul Monarrez said. 

The projects take time to create.

 ¨The students usually have about five weeks for the competitions until they have to turn in their art,¨ Monarrez said.

Senior Derek Balcorta took the Gold Key for his sculpture about mental health and a Silver Key for a sculpture about the paparazzi.

“Derek Balcorta is waiting to see if advances to nationals,” Monarrez said.

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