Athletic trainers face frustrating restrictions


Photo Courtesy Antonia Seltzer

Athletes hydrate while following safety guidelines.

Angel Rosales, Reporter

Playing organized sports is complicated. With all the safety procedures in place being a trainer is even more challenging. Being close and staying safe do not go hand-in-hand.

Due to the guidelines, it is tough to have many students in the athletic training room, and teaching them hands-on has been very difficult. So we have to figure out how to teach them in other ways,” athletic trainer Omar Saad said.

Although there may be a risk training during these times, the athletic department is doing its best to keep everyone safe.

“I feel that as an athletic department we have a great plan in place. Our coaches do a tremendous job of following guidelines. Everything we can control here on campus is done properly,” Saad said. “We require our students and staff to always have their masks on. Other than eating or drinking at a safe distance apart the masks are there for everyone’s protection and that’s why we keep this rule in place,” athletic trainer Allison Davilla said. “However whenever a team has had issues, it affects our students because we cover their games and we need to make sure that we are following guidelines at all times. As the medical staff, we do not have the time to be quarantined so we and our students follow all guidelines so that we can make sure we are available at all times.”

With all the restrictions and long breaks, staying in good shape is not as achievable as usual.

“I can definitely see a difference in the shape they are in. The coaches are working really hard to provide a great training program for when the athletes are not here or are in the off-season. So when they come back they are a little out of shape which is to be expected but they pick it up real quick,”  Saad said. “At-home workouts have helped over the quarantine as well as now they’re able to be back in person at the school so it’s practice and games like usual again,” Davila said.

Because of the great job, the athletic teams have done placing restrictions most have been able to play sports safely.

“We have been very blessed and fortunate that we have not had to deal with huge outbreaks,” Davila said.