New norm during basketball season


Photo courtesy Felipe Barraza

Shooting guard Seth Salcido shooting a three pointer.

Omar Gonzalez, Reporter

The basketball team is practicing and playing games even as the epidemic continues with regulations put in place to keep everyone safe on the basketball court their team stands 6-14 overall and 6th in the district.

It has been a weird year for sports and the athletes are grateful that they can play including team captain Julian Melendez.

“The season has been good. Everyone has faced a lot of challenges due to Covid but just getting the opportunity to play is something I’m grateful for,’’ Melendez said. 

The basketball team practices and the team is looking to get better day by day. 

“We practice almost every day. It’s scrimmaging and conditioning outside and also lifting weights every other day. We normally practice every day but sometimes we have games during the week,” shooting guard Seth Salcido said.

The basketball team has been playing the regular games like if we were at school but now with a lot of precaution added to the games.

“Covid has affected us a lot in many ways. Now we practice and play with masks on and it’s best just for our safety not only that but playing without a crowd is a big difference miss having fans watching and this season is one I’ll never forget.,” Melendez said.