Lady‌ ‌Conquistadors‌ ‌place‌ ‌third‌ ‌in‌ ‌district,‌ ‌amid challenges‌


Photo Courtesy of Victor Lara

Lady Conquistadors against Andress in one of the District playoffs. 58-37, Andress.

Azael A. Gomez, Managing Editor

Even in a pandemic the girl’s basketball team still pushed through and placed third in district, standing 7-6, and 8-7 overall. With the changes in place for safety, the season was different as precautionary measures were taken.

When athletes come to practice they have to follow new rules, before and after practice.

Each athlete had their own station to return to in between drills, stations were established for athletes to sanitize between drills, and COVID testing happens weekly,” coach Eric Romero said.

In a case where an athlete tests positive contact tracing takes place.

“The person in charge of tracing determines if the group is high-risk, in which case the entire team will quarantine for a 10-14 day period,” Romero said.

If the team had to quarantine for the two-week period a game will be postponed.

“Games late in the season never got rescheduled, but we played every team at least once this season,” Romero said.

Despite the pandemic, the team made it to the playoffs and placed third. 

“We were very happy with the team’s work ethic and dedication in practices. They understood that this season would be difficult because of the circumstances but still continued to work hard every day,” Romero said. “Additionally, the team embraced the idea that hard work pays off.”

Family and friends were not able to be seated in games for the season.

“It was difficult for the seniors, this being their last year,” Romero said.

There were other ways family and friends could tune in to watch the games and be cheered.

“The team was very good at celebrating each other, especially in close games or when big plays are made,” Romero said. “Most parents also tuned in to the live streams courtesy of (the) DV Digital Media team. They did an excellent job covering every home game for us.”

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