Championship football season overcomes pandemic challenge


Photo courtesy by Bryce Brown

Football team plays against El Dorado High School scoring 44-26 and against Lubbock Monterey 44-43 winning both bi-district and district championship trophies.

Sierra Orozco, Reporter

Every football season is difficult, but this season is even more difficult. Despite the pandemic and changing rules, the team found ways to be successful with unusual circumstances.

During a normal year, it is difficult to have a championship season but in spite of all the challenges, the pandemic presented the team pushes through.

“We all as a team followed the safety protocols in order to have a season as well as outside the premises of school, which lead us to having a successful team,” running back Sean Ramos said.

Players are beyond pleased with their accomplishments.

“I’m proud of our players’ accomplishments, this season with everything going on we did go through stuff together and we did face adversity and we never stopped fighting. We did it all for each other,” safety and wide receiver Bryce Brown said. 

Although many challenges were presented during playoffs there were just as many during practices.

“The biggest challenge at practice was trying to earn a spot, everybody is there to compete and a position isn’t given to you, it’s earned,” Ramos said.

 Besides COVID-19 there were many other challenges to overcome.

“This season was different not only because of COVID but because of the battles we faced and the setbacks we had, we lost family members and overcame adversity, we have faced adversity every season but there’s not another season like COVID-19,” Brown said.

There are definitely some more difficult aspects when dealing with the pandemic.

“The most difficult thing was making sure everyone followed the safety protocols, you have no control over what people do outside of school,” Ramos said.

This season was tough and difficult, although there may have been many challenges these football players faced they are proud to be champions.

“It felt good, we pushed and gave our all to make it to district and bi district. I’m proud of the team I had and I love them. I wouldn’t be any less of a champion without them,” Brown said.

The players have advice for welcoming upcoming varsity players.

“Work hard as soon as you come, don’t wait until you’re at the varsity level, work hard all 4 years and you’ll move on to play college football,” Ramos said.