Plan it, get it, cook it


Savanna Torres

Raquel Candelaria cooking a shrimp scampi recipe from Mealime.

Savanna Torres, Editor

All these months stuck at home had many people changing their diets, for better or for worse. With changing times comes changing technology even with meal planning. Apps such as Mealime allows people to find recipes for all sorts of diets and sends the ingredient list to the user’s grocery store of choice for pick up.

“The fact that it syncs your grocery list and that the recipes are customizable to your diet and even allergies are extremely helpful,” Mealime user, Raquel Candelaria said.

People are more cautious about going out to buy food and groceries, making it harder to figure out what they want to cook but with this app, they can find a recipe that appeals to them and eliminates having to go searching through the store.

“It’s convenient and it works, it also cuts down your shopping bill because you’re not overstocking,” Candelaria said.

Though there are other similar meal planning and grocery delivery apps, most of them aren’t as convenient.

“Mealime hooks up with your grocery store while others will just send you portioned groceries and a cookbook, which doesn’t really help much,” Candelaria said.

  The free app allows for plenty of customization of allergies and dislikes, diet plans, and is best of all affordable. With hundreds of dishes and plans, everyone should use Mealime especially in times like these where human interaction should be reduced.

“Life still remains busy, and with these new habits and new ways of doing things will stay,” Candelaria said.

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