How the virus stole Christmas


Photo courtesy of Antonia Seltzer

An unusually empty San Jacinto Plaza

Angel Rosales, Reporter

It is no surprise that as the holidays approach families want to have the usual gatherings, but due to the pandemic, gatherings will be an exception. Holidays are not the same.

“My family does not plan to have any gatherings for any holiday,” junior Santiago Prendiz said.”Every year it is a tradition for the whole family to gather at my grandma’s house and I do miss it, It is always fun to be with my family.”

Although being with family during the holidays can be fun and heartwarming, the pandemic cannot be forgotten so that the community can remain safe. The city has approximately 38,000 active cases and 1,019 deaths as of Dec.

“I believe that any place where a lot of people gather together like the downtown lights should be closed for Christmas this year,” junior Daniel Gonzales said.”Right now we are at an all-time high with COVID-19 cases. Everyone should be taking more precautions,”  Gonzales said.”Not being able to celebrate one year of holidays is not as bad as many think, there are still many years to come.”

Staying safe during the holidays is important.

“Although most people will want to gather with their family, everyone must remember that safety is better than fun, and it is better to miss one year of holidays rather than losing a loved one,” Prendiz said.