Board games fun way to pass time


Omar Gonzalez

Playing board games through the holidays.

Omar Gonzalez, Reporter

During the holidays sometimes there is nothing to do especially now because of the quarantine.  It’s a good time to bring out the old board games such as Monopoly and Jenga.

Usually families like to play board games to pass time. Monopoly is a fun game to play and it can get a little intense and frustrating.

“I play games with my family and it usually ends with someone getting mad at each other but it’s all fun at the end of the day,” Brandon Tellez said. 

Playing games with your friends or family helps pass the time. Board games and card games are also really fun to play such as spoons and speed usually those games are based on luck and skill but they’re just as fun and one will have a good time playing for hours. 

“My favorite game to play is Spoons. My sister and I play during the holidays because we’re just at home and usually my sister is upset because I’m always beating her” Lizzie Gutierrez said. 

Our favorite games to play are Uno and Monopoly. We spend hours playing Monopoly. Strategy is important in order to not lose all the money and end up in bankruptcy. 

“It’s really fun and you’ll have a great time playing with loved ones and a great thing to do to pass time when you’re bored at home,” Albert Martinez said.

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