Get your pj’s on, it’s concert time


Savanna Torres

A photo collage of the different sets Stray Kids used at their concert.

Savanna Torres, Editor

Pandemic restrictions have vastly changed the way people watch live concerts and performances, leaving many disappointed. But never fear concert-holics, a solution is at hand! Over the last few months, artists of all genres are holding virtual concerts that fans can attend from their living room. 

My first live online concert experienced from the comfort of my bedroom was Nov. 22. This concert required buying a ticket that came with merchandise to make it worth paying for but usually, virtual concerts are free. 

During the livestream a chat box for viewers to express their excitement, making everything feel more connected. In the room the group Stray Kids was performing in, walls of screens showed dozens of selected viewers holding slogans and light sticks. 

When the group finally came on stage to perform, their energy was unmatched and it was obvious that they had missed performing for a large audience. Remarkably that energy transferred through the screen, making it feel almost as exciting as seeing them in person. No concert is the same without the hype of the crowd and everyone jumping around, but for those who don’t like crowded places, this is definitely the way to go.

One major bonus is being able to snack throughout the show. Prior to the concert, the group even recommended snacks, ranging from ice cream and popcorn to pork ribs.

As the concert was coming to an end, Stray Kids expressed their gratitude to STAY, the name for the fandom, and said their goodbyes, ending with their signature catchphrase “STAY, you make Stray Kids stay!” 

It was great to see how artists have found ways to continue performing and energize their fans during social distancing. Being able to experience this event with people from all around the world, and seeing Stray Kids do what they love was heartwarming. However, I am still looking forward to waiting in line for hours at the crowded, loud venues when they return.

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