Bring the holiday cheer early this year

Never underestimate the power of hot chocolate to get others in the holiday spirit.

Lilian Miranda

Never underestimate the power of hot chocolate to get others in the holiday spirit.

Lilian Miranda, Reporter

Christmas decorations bring feelings of pure happiness, if one is looking to introduce some joy into the year, allow the Christmas tree, lights and all, to fill the heart with joy. Let’s be honest, everyone can use a little extra holiday cheer. 

“My family starts putting together Christmas decorations during the week of Thanksgiving,’’ senior Jesse Delgado said.The Christmas decorations stay up until early-mid January.” 

Each family has their own traditions whether it is DIY projects, baking Christmas cookies or caroling. It is never too early to get into the holiday spirit, turn on the radio and blast some Christmas music. 

“Our Nativity is something that is very special,” senior Eduardo Flores said. “Because we grew up with the nativity placed under the Christmas tree.”

People usually relate Christmas decorations to feelings of nostalgia that remind one of the joys and pleasures of childhood. It turns out that “holiday cheer” is not just about hot chocolate. 

“Hanging the stockings always brings special memories because mine is custom made,” Delgado said. “I have had it since childhood.”

Even though putting up decorations is fun, it can be a lot of work.

 “It makes us cheerful and happy because Christmas is a time of year where everyone should feel happy,” Flores said. “It is a season of loving everyone in your life.” 

Carrying all of the ornaments and boxes out of the basement is kind of a bummer when one realizes it has to be done all over again to put them away a few weeks later. 

“I think we all feel a bit sad but then we remember that we will put them up soon,” Flores said. “We should just wait and build that excitement again.”

Accepting that the tree, ornaments and decorations will come down soon encourages one to treasure all of it. 

“By the time our decorations come down, I am okay with it,” Delgado said. “It is time to move on and see what next year brings.”

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