Stay protected, stay fashionable, stay home


Kristyn Aguilera, Editor

COVID-19 has made it necessary to wear a protective mask in public. Face masks have evolved over the months from a makeshift mask made out of a t-shirt, to N95 masks that were hard to find, to a patterned fashion mask matching one’s outfit. Fashion has met health requirements.

Because of the need for facial coverings, this pandemic has caught most of the community by surprise, but not all.

“I had a feeling it was going to be more serious than we knew at the time,” businessman and father Richard Aguilera said. 

“Because I already had an idea of how serious it would get, I usually wear protective masks because I stocked up on them in the beginning,” Aguilera said.

This pandemic has made masks mandatory.

“My favorite masks to wear are with colors, to match the color of clothes I am wearing that day,” essential worker and grandmother Yolanda Aguilera said.

There is much diversity in the choice of masks.

Masks have opened up opportunities for local businesses, big companies and celebrities.

“I don’t usually purchase expensive masks, but I know of some people will, whether it’s for the brand or for the actual benefits of the mask,”  El Pasoan Ivette Gardea said. 

Whether one likes to wear a mask or not, at the end of the day it is a must. So make it stylish and take advantage of the benefits. 

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