Theater arts adapts to online learning activities


Theater virtual classes training online

Sierra Orozco, Reporter

Theater and Theater Tech are hands-on, expressive classes. Fun activities and trips are among the things that many students enjoy about these classes, but COVID-19 changed all that.

Since quarantine was mandated, classes are being conducted in a different manner.

“We are utilizing more film in our class because we can’t physically study movement and character. My classes are watching a mixture of documentaries and how-to,” theater arts teacher Marissa Vazquez-Thurman said.

Students have to adapt to this sudden change but some are optimistic.

   “(I am) coping with this new situation by trying my best to stay focused and trying to manage my time as best as I can,” senior Abel Ochoa said.    

Some students were not ready for some of the challenges that come with online learning. 

“I was not prepared to spend eight hours sitting down on my computer. It’s been difficult having to adjust to this new way of learning. Especially without bells,” Ochoa said.

COVID-19 has made the hands-on experience almost impossible and students and teachers must adjust.

“It’s definitely different and something I am slowly adjusting to, but I’m okay with it,”  Vasquez-Thurman said.

Theater students are worried about issues with technology.

“Connection issues have been happening already. But there’s also a chance of people’s computers failing and their internet shutting down,” Ochoa said.

Social distance learning restrictions has affected theater’s student interaction. 

“It’s definitely taking away some sense of community and togetherness but we are trying to maintain weekly meetings and online events to help bring a sense of normalcy to our group,” Vasquez-Thurman said.