Student council holds contest for mask awareness

Even masks can be personalized, fitting everybody's needs.

Illustrated by Lindsay Estrada

Even masks can be personalized, fitting everybody’s needs.

Wearing masks in today’s age has become the new normal. There are many kinds of masks: cloth masks, medical masks, masks with fun patterns, or masks with none. But they all share the same function, protection from COVID-19.

Student council held a contest seeking original face mask designs. Entrants could represent student organizations. The contest was announced during the first Leadership Meeting Sept. 16. Victoria Felix was revealed as the winner on Oct. 9, her mask represents the women’s soccer team. 

 “We want to bring awareness to all of our students. The purpose is to inform everyone of the benefit of wearing a mask. Maybe, the more we wear a mask, the faster we would not have to wear one,” Principal Antonio Acuña said. 

 Acuña said that no one at school events has refused to wear a mask and he hopes to bring awareness with the contest. 

I will not be involved in selecting the winner,” Acuña said. “I asked for the contest, but Mr. Lopez, our students activities director, is heading it.”

The contest was designed to make students more aware and enthusiastic about wearing masks. 

¨According to health experts, wearing masks is the best deterrent to COVID-19,” Acuña said.

Designs were due Sept. 25,  ten entries were submitted via email. 

“The winners will be announced in Oct. 9,” student activities director Christopher Lopez said, “The winning mask will be produced and sold.” 

The winner will be chosen via voting. 

“We will showcase the masks on Instagram stories and will vote in a Google Forms that will be placed in our @dvhsstuco bio,” student council president Julian Martinez said. 

Originally, the winning mask was only going to be chosen by student council. 

“We opened up the contest to everyone so it could be fair,” Martinez said. 

Lopez hopes the contest will bring out the creativity in students. 

“We want to show the many hidden talents of our amazing students,” Lopez said.

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