Conquistadore sports trying to survive pandemic


photo courtesy Hector Gomez

The tennis team waits to be tested for coronavirus before the area match, Oct. 29.

Ramon Urueta, Promotions Director

Sports are hanging on by a thread because of the COVID-19 quarantine. School athletes are ready to change this narrative.

It’s time to get the ball rolling.

Senior cheerleader Linda Rubio is in her second year as a Conquerrette and noticed many changes in the routine for practice. 

“Having to practice on Zoom calls was a huge and difficult change that I was certainly not used to,” Rubio said. She has her goals set during this pandemic. 

“Unfortunately, this year is my last year but I will try out in college to continue my experience as a cheerleader,” Rubio said.

Part of the change includes safety requirements that must be upheld.

Senior tennis player Saliynah Gutierrez has never had to deal with this chaos in her three years on the team. 

“Face-masks are enforced when we are practicing. However, in this sport we already keep our distance, so we have the privilege to take them off while playing against our opponents,” Gutierrez said. 

If the worst were to happen, there could be a domino effect. 

“If a player were to contract COVID-19 we would most likely postpone our season or it would have (to be determined) by the district. If this season was canceled it would be devastating. Most of this year’s team is made up of seniors and this is our last year to prove that we can go far as a team,” Gutierrez said.

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