Virtual learning is not easy


Evelyn Perez

Online school brings new technology problems this year.

Evelyn Perez, Promotions Coordinator

Online school can be stressful and hard. It is difficult to get used to virtual school. Online school takes its toll mentally and physically after watching a screen and sitting on a chair for almost eight hours.

Virtual school can be complicated. 

¨Besides the occasional tech issues, I would say that some of my delivery doesn’t always translate as well over the screen. I also think that as the weeks progress, I am learning how to better adapt and students are also getting used to the general proceedings,¨ U.S. History teacher Manuel Delgadillo said.

Online learning can be complicated. 

¨Online has affected me because my back is always hurting and I have headaches often because of looking at the screen for eight hours a day,¨ junior Janis Slape said.

Students and teachers have different opinions about virtual learning. Some prefer staying home, others want to go back to the building.

¨I understand we need it for right now but once this is over, I can’t wait to go back to school,¨ senior Ramon Urueta said. 

One thing is for sure, online school shifts more responsibility on the students. 

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