Fuego dances through difficult time


Photo courtesy of: Angela Rodriguez Illustrated by: Alyssa Venzor

The first in-person practice for the 2020-2021 Fuego Dance team was Sept. 30.

Alyssa Venzor, Reporter

Covid-19 has impacted everything from fashion to sports to academics. A pandemic is not going to stop these Conquistadores from doing what they love most — dancing. 

The 20-plus member Fuego team is doing all they can during this time of chaos and sickness. The two co-captains are doing their best with the team and its challenges.

One obstacle the team has had to overcome is the fact that our style of dance is mostly partner work, but we have managed to make it work by only teaching the technical side of our dance and not focusing so much on how to dance with a partner,” social activities officer Angela Rodriguez said. 

Overcoming obstacles isn’t easy, but the team is pulling  through. 

“We had to put in extra work with the boys on the team and with new team members, so that all members look the same,” Fuego sponsor Gloria Tovar said. 

Everyone is working hard, because they’re in it together.

I am honestly super happy with how the new team members are coming along, they all have created bonds with each other and they always work their hardest,” co captain Karla Correa Torres said.

Things are different and so is the learning environment.

We don’t really mind as long as you have room, and you are paying attention to all instructions coming from our instructor or the captains,” co captain Antonella Arellano said. 

Since the learning space is different, one-on-one time with students is tricky to handle. 

“Each team member submits a video of their dance each Monday.  I review it and look for corrections that need to be made.  I will either focus on those corrections during class that week or I have my captains schedule extra practices with those students,” Tovar said.

Although practice and learning have been difficult, there is still fun to be had. 

 “The best moments that we’ve had have been when we play games during class because we share laughs with each other and the pep rally because that gave us a chance to perform in front of an audience again,” Torres said. 

In the end nothing can stop this team from doing what they love. 

“My team members and I have been working hard and we are all getting ready so that when this all ends we can keep on giving the same great performances we have done in the past,” Rodriguez said.

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