Movies, masks, heading to theaters, so complicated


Marisa Garcia

Mask and hand sanitizer at the ready before heading in to have a safe and fun experience at the theater.

Marisa Garcia, Photo Coordinator

There is nothing like walking into the local movie house, feeling the cool air and taking in the smell of freshly popped corn. Ever since COVID-19 descended, walking into the movie theater became, well, complicated. 

¨For me going to the movies is such a big thing because growing up it was like going to an amusement park with my family. It’s something that brought us together,¨ senior Pamela Chavez said.¨I miss that experience and I am frustrated because I like experiencing a movie on the big screen. At home, it just isn’t the same kind of excitement you get at the theater.”

COVID-19 still walks among the community but that has not stopped local movie theaters from opening back up and because there are not enough new releases, previously released movies are returning to theaters. Chavez and senior Ryan Almeida are ready for the movie house experience once again. 

¨I prefer watching a movie at the theater because when I am watching a movie at home it isn’t the same as when watching a movie on the big screen,” Almeida said. ¨Of course I was hesitant at first because I knew some people would not feel happy about the new rules the movie theaters are enforcing but once I went to go rewatch Jumanji, I kept my distance with my mask on and popcorn in hand. All my hesitation and worry disappeared.”

Necessary precautions have been taken by local movie theaters to keep customers and employees safe while COVID-19 continues.  

¨It was all self-explanatory when I went back to the theaters. Tickets were supposed to be bought online to eliminate as much personal contact as possible. The only time masks weren’t required was when you ate or drank. I was able to buy from the concessions in person but remaining six-feet away from others, and sitting in the theater required you to be at least three seats away from the next moviegoer,¨ Almedia said. 

When theaters announced plans to reopen, the community approved as long as precautions were taken. However, some people in the community were not in favor of movie theaters opening back up. 

¨I interpreted the theaters opening up as a way of just wanting to make money and I understand that but I’d rather be safe at home than go back to the theaters,¨ junior Sebastian Garcia said. ¨I definitely miss the atmosphere I find myself in when at the theater but because of the pandemic I am hesitant about going back. I’m afraid of getting sick and getting others sick. I don’t think it is worth going to the movies with the chance to get sick.”

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