If we could only go back to school


Some memories are unforgettable. Bianca Duran, Destiny Villa and Destiny Martinez share a last bus ride together.

Having to wake up early for school and all the work that comes with school was a common complaint, but for the kids who enjoy going to school bright and early it means staying home and working online.

If one does not understand an assignment it means emailing for an explanation.  In school one could raise a hand for instant help. One-on-one interaction is gone. And so has the certain feeling one gets when in a favorite class. It’s a  feeling one can’t get working online  at home.  

Gone are the  laughs one shared daily with friends.  Lunch was an exciting part of the day, because it was time spent goofing around.

Gone is the sound of the pianos in piano class. The notes spoke. So much is gone.

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