Covid-19 quarantine salon closures motivate students to get creative styles at home


Itzel Viramontes

Junior Citlali Viramontes shows off her new red hair processed at home.

Itzel Viramontes, Head Photographer

No school, nowhere to go, a lot of free time, and kids full of boredom leads to students wanting a change. The easiest one to make — change their hairstyle.

“The quarantine is pushing people to cut their own hair because they (have) nothing to do,” senior Adriana Pulido said. “After watching all the movies and YouTube videos you get bored.”

Future plans for some came sooner than expected.

“I told myself at the beginning of the year that after I graduate, I was going to cut my hair. But since we’re not going back to school I thought this was the best time,”  senior Hannah Guerra said.

Because barber shops are closed, people are taking matters into their own hands.

“I’m not really bothered by my hair yet, but I feel like I really need a haircut and I’m starting to think of cutting it myself,” senior Alan Serratos said.

Students not only cut their hair, but dye it too.

“I bleached and dyed my hair red,” junior Citlali Viramontes said. “I’ve been contemplating on dying it for a year now, so I thought doing it during quarantine would be the perfect time since no one can  see me, in case it went wrong, but I really like the results.”

The stay-at-home order is encouraging students to do things that they wouldn’t have done before the pandemic.

“Since everyone is in quarantine you can literally do anything you want to yourself and no one can  judge you for it, so I guess that’s the reason why people don’t really think things through before doing something they’ll probably regret, which they don’t most of the time. It’s really easy to impulsively change their hair,” Viramontes said.

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